• Creating innovative energy management solutions for sustainable buildings

    Creating innovative energy management solutions for sustainable buildings

  • Reduce the lifetime costs of your building!

    Reduce the lifetime costs of your building!

  • Reducing your building costs!

    EnergyFusion™ offers new ways to manage and reduce the use of energy within buildings.

  • EnergyFusion™ – Managing Energy as an Asset!

    EnergyFusion™ – Managing Energy as an Asset!

Our Value Proposition

Policy based energy control for branch and campus site buildings delivering maximum energy cost reduction.

"Energy prices to double within the next 6 years"

Daily Telegraph (May 2011)

EnergyFusion™ Capabilities & Services


EnergyFusion integrates lighting control with energy management to offer greater energy savings. It has unparalleled flexibility of control to provide just the right level of lighting and only when it’s needed.



EnergyFusion™ integrates space heating with energy management to give radical reductions in the energy used for heating buildings. The approach employed allows significant energy savings.


EnergyFusion™ has powerful features which can be applied to control cooling systems.  Tantallon is working to develop controls which give enhanced control of the cooling systems within buildings.


EnergyFusion™ offers powerful ways to control the ventilation systems in buildings to enhance the energy efficiency and utility of the building.

Appliance Control

The EnergyFusion™ system can be employed to manage appliances within an environment. These might be humidifiers, blinds, motors or virtually any other electrical or electrically controlled devices.


EnergyFusion™ provides the infrastructure and data required to simplify the maintenance workload of operating the facilities in a building. It offers a powerful approach to reduce the maintenance workload and costs of operating facilities.


Tantallon and its partners, can supply the installation and support services needed to install the EnergyFusion™ system in a new build, retrofit or building refurbishment.


EnergyView™ is the management software that accompanies the EnergyFusion™ system and provides the basis for managing a single building  - or a complex of buildings – allowing management over the Internet if required.

Example Case Study

Alba Innovation Centre

Alba Innovation Centre