Cooling Control

Cooling Control

EnergyFusion™ has advanced and powerful features which support energy efficient control of coolers within a building.

The system has flexible control capability which is capable of providing control for cooling systems. For instance, in a retail environment if coolers fail for any reason there is a very large bill to pick up. It is a statutory requirement that perishable goods are controlled between specific temperatures and the temperature history of such goods is available for the record. EnergyFusion™ can manage coolers throughout a building. It can flag alarms to management over the network when a unit starts to deviate from the required norm. This management alert can ensure that corrective action is taken at the earliest time and before any damage to goods ensues.

The system is capable of monitoring a range of relevant parameters:

  • Monitoring & recording of Cooler temperature level
  • Monitoring & recording of Ambient temperature in building
  • Monitoring & recording of Cooler current draw levels
  • Monitoring & recording of Cooler Refrigerant levels
  • Monitoring & recording of Cooler energy
EnergyFusion™ stores this information as date/time-stamped data in its database. This can be presented on demand as real-time screen information or presented as a report. The graphical screen will show graphically the status of each of the cooler units in real-time so that the administration can determine at a glance the overall state of the coolers and drill down on any given unit.

EnergyFusion™ allows the coolers to be monitored remotely and for the management system, (and managers), to receive alarms of any issue needing attention. EnergyFusion™ uses standard IP communications to allow management over any IP network. (for instance the Internet).

Timed control
The system can be set to automatically provide specific control at any required time of day on any calendar day, week or year.