About Us

About Us

Tantallon is a UK-based company located in Livingston, Scotland. Tantallon specialises in remotely monitoring buildings, equipment and data has developed considerable expertise  in the real-time monitoring of sensors and controls.  Two key areas where this is applied are:

1.  Healthcare and wellbeing management for vulnerable people. Tantallon is developing an innovative solution to the remote monitoring of the health and wellbeing of clients or patients  who need assistance in continuing to live within their own homes, or within a care home, or sheltered housing environment. The goal of the project is to allow such people to live safely within their own homes for longer

2.   Energy management and building control. The company has developed an innovative energy management and building control solution – EnergyFusion™.  This system introduces a new approach to the sustainable management of  buildings which allows ‘Energy to be managed as an asset’, which implies that it allows the control and reduction of energy costs. It provides detailed and timely information of where and how much energy is being used in the premises. It also embeds intelligent control procedures to reduce the expenditure of energy within the building.   EnergyFusion™  will make the difference in the battle to enhance environmental sustainability and reduce the energy and operating costs of running commercial buildings

Tantallon are passionate about reducing the waste of energy in buildings. This has been the central driving force for the company since the beginning, and has led to the development of a specific focus in the design and implementation of environmentally sustainable building control systems. The EnergyFusion™ system relies on state-of-the-art concepts and technology implemented in software and hardware. EnergyFusion™ leverages the design knowledge, engineering expertise and experience of Tantallon’s staff.

The EnergyFusion™ system epitomises the needed convergence of software and networking technologies with building controls which will revolutionise the way buildings are operated and managed for the benefit of their owners, their users, society and the environment.

Our Mission

To provide innovative and effective solutions in the two areas where the company is active:  area of  health and wellbeing management and energy management and building control -

Solutions such as the Tantallon Remote Wellbeing Management system – which provides key support for assisted living for any person who is vulnerable by way of health, disability, or age related infirmity

and the EnergyFusion™ system – which address the key concerns of the stakeholders of commercial buildings. These will provide a new breed of tool to assist organisations in reducing the lifetime operating costs of buildings.  Significant energy savings will be delivered by operating the buildings facilities more efficiently, by reducing the associated management and maintenance costs, and by improving the user experience of the building.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a successful company where we can leverage our inspiration, knowledge,  and competencies for the benefits of our customers and users by building superb products which  address our customers specific needs and requirements and which offer effective solutions to the growing need for sustainable buildings and the need to manage ‘Energy as an Asset’!