Tantallon Systems wins Scottish Enterprise SMART award for its Remote Wellbeing Management System!

Tantallon Systems has been awarded a SMART grant to assist in the funding of its development of a remote wellbeing management system. This provides the funding support to assist the project  which is scheduled to take 12 months up to October 2019 during which Tantallon will develop a system which will support vulnerable people in the community by monitoring their…read more →

Solving Grid Power Supply Problems With Power Demand-Response Control

Problems with the Power grid A growing area of concern is the reported frailties of the power grid and the reduction of spare capacity in the electrical supply system.  As fossil fuel power stations have been taken off-line (in line with EU LCP Directive commitments) and with no satisfactory replacement in sight, the margin of spare supply capacity of the…read more →

The Importance of Proactive Energy Management

There are several issues relating to energy that are giving headaches to the management of organisations. The first issue is the steady increase in energy prices which we have seen over recent years. In the last blog we mentioned, energy costs have doubled over the past 10 years and this rate of energy growth is likely to continue for the…read more →

RBS names Tantallon Systems Ltd as a Finalist in the UK’s largest search for new ‘green’ innovation.

RBS has selected Tantallon Systems Ltd as a finalist in the Innovation Gateway; a major international search for new ways of reducing energy, water and waste. Launched in March this year, the RBS Innovation Gateway attracted more than 140 submissions in just 40 days, from brand new concepts through to market-ready products and services, from innovators and small businesses (SMEs)…read more →

Tantallon selected as finalist in RBS Innovation Gateway

RBS quest for ‘green’ innovation finds pioneering idea in Livingston – West Lothian

Following an appeal for ‘green’ ideas across the UK, RBS has selected local innovator, Tantallon Systems Ltd for the RBS Innovation Gateway. This is an RBS scheme challenging UK innovators and small businesses (SMEs) to come forward with eco-ideas to help drive resource efficiencies across the bank’s 2,500 buildings. Tantallon’s EnergyFusion™ energy management and control system has been hand-picked from over 140…read more →