EnergyFusion™ System

EnergyFusion™ System

Tantallon has developed EnergyFusion™ – an innovative Energy Management solution for commercial buildings.

EnergyFusion™ for the first time –and in a very unique way – integrates energy management with the management of building facilities. It provides the framework within which lighting, heating, and cooling can operate in an energy efficient manner and can deliver real savings in energy costs of 20% and more, and an expected 20% reduction in both management and maintenance costs.
EnergyFusion™ addresses concerns on rising energy costs, the increasing lifetime costs of building ownership, issues surrounding environmental sustainability, and new areas of legislation affecting energy use in buildings.

Energy Management

EnergyFusion™ for the first time fully integrates Energy Management with Building Control. The EnergyFusion™ system is based on a patented algorithm which delivers ‘intelligent’ real-time, closed-loop control system which identifies where energy is being used in a building and seeks to reduce and optimise its use. This novel feature allows the facilities within buildings to be managed in an energy-sustainable way so that the energy levels used can be reduced. Generally there are big savings to be made with this feature.

EnergyFusion™ embeds a number of powerful and unique energy management features. The system determines the energy used in any device, zone or groups of zones in the building and records these energy levels in the database. This allows the energy performance of any controlled entity to be shown graphically on the screen in real-time or for energy performance reports to be produced on demand.

EnergyFusion™ collects and processes this information to determine energy performance. Using ‘intelligent’ behaviour, control decisions can be made which allow the energy levels associated with the facilities in a building to be actively reduced in line with the business needs and priorities.

The system provides detailed and highly granular statistics on the energy used, and the energy savings made (in terms of KWh, Kg of CO2, and £). This is available in the form of real-time information displayed on the management screen and in terms of generated reports.

Tantallon’s goal is to employ technology in innovative ways to render truly effective energy management solutions within commercial buildings. Solutions which:

-  Aid the environmental and commercial sustainability of the building and organisation by reducing the demand for energy and the costs of operating the building whilst enhancing the user experience of building controls.

-  Reduce the lifetime costs of owning and operating buildings by reducing the demand for energy and making the buildings more manageable and sustainable.

EnergyFusion™ provides a new and powerful approach to managing the use of energy within an organisation to allow energy to be managed as the important asset it has become. It. It provides a sorely needed tool for accounting for the use of energy used within building but, more than that, it provides a way of automatically optimizing and reducing the use of energy within the context of the business or organisation’s needs.

What is EnergyFusion™ ?

EnergyFusion™ is an innovative and modular approach to the energy management and control of the facilities within a building. It has been designed to control building facilities in an energy efficient manner.

EnergyFusion™ is a software controlled system based on hubs which are installed within the building. These hubs provide connection for a range of sensors and controls which allow them to each sense, monitor, and control their environment. The system embeds a number of strategies which enable it to reduce the energy used in the building.

Energy Savings

The system gives elevated energy savings. For instance lighting  can represent 30 – 40% of an organisations energy bill and typically 70% of this is wasted! EnergyFusion™ has demonstrated that it is able to save greater than 60% of this wasted energy.

Energy Statistics

EnergyFusion™ generates a rich set of real-time and historical energy statistics including usage and savings for every element of the system.

Network Connected

The system employs open standard communication protocols based on TCP/IP which allows the system to be managed over the corporate network – or securely across the Internet. Each hub has a network interface and web browser interface.

Easy to Use

Tantallon have gone to great lengths to provide an easy-to-use interface – too often building control systems have been flawed by software which makes control of the facilities  cumbersome or difficult to use. EnergyFusion™ sets out to address this issue and uses a graphical interface to ease the learning curve and to reduce the management overheads.


The EnergyFusion™ system is scalable which means that it can service the needs of both small and  the largest of buildings.  It could also be used to manage facilities in a group of buildings.

What is the Payback from EnergyFusion™ ?

The costs of ownership for the EnergyFusion™ energy management and control system will be dependent on the size, scale, and requirements of the buildings it is to manage and result in a system employing different numbers of hubs and sensors and will require different installation services. Clearly this will result in different payback calculations for each environment considered and again be very dependent upon the services managed.

Lifetime Benefits Available

The Payback time on the EnergyFusion™ system is generally expected to be of the order of two to five years (based on energy costs alone). In reality the other areas of savings may be much more important and offer more savings and thereby reduce the payback time significantly.  We have provided estimates for the savings

A general point is that EnergyFusion™ will deliver year-on-year benefits throughout its working life which could be the lifetime of the building. If the cost of ownership is amortised over  a reasonable expected lifetime, then the payback calculations become very attractive – especially if the future costs of energy are considered.

What affects the Payback

The Payback of the EnergyFusion™ system is affected by a number of factors, (see ‘What are the benefits of EnergyFusion™?‘ and ‘Why use the EnergyFusion™ system?’), and not simply the energy savings.

The Payback is also clearly affected by what building services are managed.  For instance if lighting is managed by the EnergyFusion™ system in a building where it was previously unmanaged, it is reasonable to expect an energy savings of say 40% (of the previous lighting energy costs).  We expect to be able to deliver a similar level of savings for space heating.  These two facilities would typically represent the biggest energy spend within the building. Payback is also affected by how the building is managed and different environments will have different paybacks.

Energy Reduction – potentially 20% or more

EnergyFusion™ can significantly reduce the use of energy in an organisation. There are major opportunities for savings in providing more efficient heating and lighting services with buildings.  For instance lighting can consume some 30 to 40% of the total energy bill for a building and 70% of this is typically wasted! (IEA).  EnergyFusion™ might save 40 to 50% or more of the lighting energy within a building.

Specific savings will be contingent upon what is being managed – the more facilities such as Lighting, heating being managed the greater the savings.   EnergyFusion™ can save 20% and more of the overall energy bill of an organisation!

Reduced Maintenance Costs – 20%

EnergyFusion™ incorporates a range of powerful features which can radically ease and reduce the overheads of maintaining the facilities within buildings.  For example the system automatically provides timely alerts across the network, indicating when a change of status or fault condition arises. Prompts can be issued at appropriate times to allow maintenance procedures to be initiated. The graphical interface provides a view of every major system component – there is no need for management staff to physically visit or walk the site.  Set-up and configuration is performed graphically and is simplicity itself!

Making changes is a breeze! The on-board simulation capability allows changes to be set up and tested without disrupting the user community.

A wealth of logistic data needed to manage the system is held on the system itself and is available to management at the click of a mouse.
In fact there are a wealth of features which directly aid the maintenance task and our analysis estimates that savings in maintenance costs will be of the order of 20%.  (Savings will be more evident dependent upon the size and scale of the building and/or whether there are multiple buildings involved).

Reduced Management Costs – 20%

EnergyFusion™ significantly reduces the overheads associated with managing a building or buildings.  Firstly, management are placed in control at all times irrespective of location!  The management system can be located within the building or remotely at some other site. Authorised staff can connect securely over the Internet. The system issues proactive messages and alerts when given threshold levels are reached or when operational conditions change.  Setting up control for lighting and facilities couldn’t be easier. The graphical interface allows a real-time view of the facilities and shows where energy is being spent in the building. The system incorporates a fully featured asset management capability and reports are available on demand which give historic and trend information.

The rich set of features that directly aid the management will generate benefits in relation to the size and complexity of the building and the installation. As with maintenance, we estimate the savings value of this to be in the order of 20% of the current management costs.

Space & Change Management – 10%

EnergyFusion™ lends itself to space and change management.  Firstly changes can be configured graphically –without the need to physically visit the EnergyFusion™ hubs or site.  This configuration can be carried out off line in the systems ‘Design Mode‘. The new model then created can be tested using the ‘Simulation Mode‘ and when the changes have been verified the changes can be activated.  This whole process can take place rapidly and without any disruption to staff. There is no experimenting with the user communities or need to relegate such changes to unsocial hours!

By using EnergyFusion™, in an environment where frequent changes are the norm, we estimate that this will reduce the current cost for changes by an estimated 10%!

Building Value Appreciation + 10%

The EnergyFusion™ system will enhance the value of your buildings! It has been shown that adding powerful controls such as EnergyFusion™ to a building will make it more attractive to staff and potential owners and enhance its saleable value.  EnergyFusion™ provides controls which will enhance the buildings  energy sustainability, improve its flexibility for business, make it more aesthetically pleasing and increase the productivity of its staff.

This benefit is  estimated to increase the value of the building by 10%

Why Buy EnergyFusion™ ?

EnergyFusion™ offers a new approach to managing ‘energy as an asset’. With energy prices subject to continuous increases with no relent expected, it becomes increasingly necessary to adopt more energy efficient practices – particularly within buildings which are typically responsible for some 40% of the energy bill of an organisation. In addition to the considerable energy savings possible by use of this system, there are a range of other benefits – particularly in terms of management and maintenance of the building through its lifetime.

EnergyFusion™ Benefits