Lighting Control

Lighting Control

EnergyFusion™ has advanced and powerful features which allow the lighting system to be controlled in an energy efficient manner. The system has an extremely flexible control capability which is capable of accommodating any lighting control scenario or sequence of actions and is thought to offer unique levels of control. EnergyFusion™ includes support for the following modes of control:

Occupancy control

Occupancy control will manage the lighting according to whether the building is occupied or not. This means that lighting is turned on only when needed. This will save the energy that is currently wasted when lights are left on when all personnel have left an area or the building is unoccupied.

Daylight harvesting

Daylight harvesting refers to controlling the electrical lighting levels according to the available levels of daylight. Electrical lighting levels are reduced in relation to the level of ambient – or actual – lighting in an area and allows the system to take advantage of natural lighting and reduce the levels of electrical lighting.

Timed control

The system can be set to automatically provide specific control at a required time of day on any calendar day, week or year. This timed control can be flexibly applied to any of the modes of control such as Occupancy or Daylight harvesting.

Dimming control

Dimming or changing the lighting level will be used where this is appropriate. The light levels can be maintained at what is considered to be the optimum level for their purpose – and this can be changed during the hours of the day , (and seasons), to reflect different requirements. The EnergyFusion™ system has very powerful and flexible digital dimming control features which allow dimming over 256 steps.