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Energy prices are doubling every six years and typically 40% of UK energy is used in buildings. Building managers face the urgent need to reduce their operational costs: these include energy, management and maintenance costs. In a commercial building, lighting can consume 40% of the energy bill and typically 70% of this is wasted. Reduction of the CO2 levels is also a key requirement. The problems at the AIC are not uncommon. The building is a multi-tenanted modern office environment where staff can arrive and go at all times of day or night. The building had no special controls and lighting in public areas was left on for extended periods. Staff did not switch off stair or foyer lighting since it was not possible to know who else was in the building. Also the fluorescent ballasts were overheating and creating a fire risk since they are generally rated on the basis of a 12 hour ON/OFF duty cycle.

To overcome these issues, the AIC trialled the EnergyFusion™ system. This is a powerful and innovative energy management system specifically designed to manage lighting and other utilities in such a way as to reduce and optimise the energy usage. It provides information by way of real-time data and reports which detail the energy savings made (in terms of KWh, Kg of CO2, and £) making it easy to quantify the benefits.

EnergyFusion™ has reduced the energy used for lighting at the AIC by ensuring that lighting is on only when needed and that natural levels of light are used where this is possible to reduce the use of electric lighting. This is managed automatically. EnergyFusion™ is continuing to deliver greater than 60% energy savings in the AIC in the public areas where it is being trialled.

 ”Retrofitting of the EnergyFusion™ system in the Alba Innovation Centre was very easy and has worked reliably over the last 2½ years, demonstrating energy savings of 60%. The building management team at Alba are delighted with the energy savings we are achieving using this innovative solution. EnergyFusion™ is suitable for offices where remote monitoring and control are key to driving productivity benefits which was one of the key drivers behind Alba deploying the system.  AIC is currently investigating the extended use of EnergyFusion™ throughout other common areas and individual offices.” 

Peter Andrew – Head of Business Incubation & Innovation at the Alba Innovation Centre


For more details about this case study please check this report: Alba Innovation Centre – Case Study

The energy performance of this trial has been successfully audited by independent experts (“Edinburgh Centre For Carbon Innovation“). If you would like to download the technical report please contact us.

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