Security Control

Security Control

The EnergyFusion™ system is able to support ‘smart’ access security throughout a building on a flexible and powerful basis.

Flexible Zoning

EnergyFusion™ allows  the building to be flexibly configured into a number of zones or areas. These zones can be viewed graphically so the administrator can ‘see’ these visually on the management screen. Each of these zones can be fitted with sensors and controls and the appropriate rules set up to give the level of security monitoring required. The system is particularly easy to set up, to change or to monitor and can be tested off-line using a powerful built-in simulation capability. The system can be set manually to secure mode or secured automatically. Once the building or a zone  has been alarmed this will be shown on the screen so that it is very clear what state each area is in. Any security event that occurs after the area has been secured can be arranged to operate the alarm, or notify authorised individuals with an escalation procedure if this is needed.

Emergency staff location

The system also is powerful in that it can show where staff /customers are present if an emergency occurs. This gives the management a powerful way of locating the whereabouts  of people should this become necessary.

Remote visibility of the system (False alarm verification)

Operations staff are able to remotely connect to the EnergyFusion™ system over the Internet or a private network connection and have access to a ‘live’ screen which shows the current state of the building: which areas have been triggered and which sensors have been activated. This makes it possible to determine if the event is a false alarm or not and respond intelligently.

3rd Party Management

Also, EnergyFusion™ can be managed from a third party site which is particularly relevant when there is more than a single building to be managed. Each of the EnergyFusion™ Hubs has a web browser interface and the system management station can be located remotely from the site being managed

System Security

The Hubs employ secure protocols, (such as are used in ATMs), to ensure that only authorised staff can make connections.  All relevant events are captured, time-stamped and stored in a database to provide an ‘audit trail’ of events.