Ventilation Control

Ventilation Control

EnergyFusion™ has advanced and powerful features which support energy efficient control of the ventilation systems within a building.

The system has extremely flexible control capability which is capable of accommodating any Ventilation control scenario or sequence of actions and is thought to offer unique levels of control. EnergyFusion™ could be applied to a range of ventilation technologies.

It includes the monitoring of a range of parameters:

  • Monitoring of CO2 levels
  • Monitoring of (Humidity) levels in building
  • Monitoring of Temperature levels
  • Monitoring of Ozone levels
The system is able to respond to the ambient conditions within zones of the building and circulate and refresh the air levels whilst re-conditioning and recycling the removed air. This can be made as responsive as required so that the ambient internal environment is maintained at an optimum level whilst this is needed. The system will respond intelligently to the occupancy of the building or areas of the building. This means that ventilation control is applied when needed and can ensure that statutory levels are maintained. This will save the energy that is otherwise wasted when air levels are unnecessarily cycled when all personnel have left an area or the building is unoccupied.

Timed control

The system can be set to automatically provide specific control at a required time of day on any calendar day, week or year.

Ventilation control

The Ventilation levels can be maintained at what is considered to be the optimum level for their purpose – and this can be changed during the hours of the day , (and seasons), to reflect different requirements. The EnergyFusion™ system has very powerful and flexible digital control features which allow appropriate control to be applied.